October 28, 2020


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Cal Thomas

Jewish World Review Cal Thomas Cal Thomas archives 10/01/20: Debate #1: Advantage None 09/29/20: My questions for Joe Biden 09/24/20: Alaska's governor on the virus and the election 09/22/20: The conservative moment 09/17/20: Why so much anger? 09/15/20: Woodward rides again 09/10/20: The Anti-Trump conspiracy 09/08/20: Another day older and deeper in debt 09/03/20: The…
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Jewish World Review

Cal Thomas

Cal Thomas archives

10/01/20: Debate #1: Advantage None
09/29/20: My questions for Joe Biden
09/24/20: Alaska’s governor on the virus and the election
09/22/20: The conservative moment
09/17/20: Why so much anger?
09/15/20: Woodward rides again
09/10/20: The Anti-Trump conspiracy
09/08/20: Another day older and deeper in debt
09/03/20: The lesson behind Falwell’s fall
09/01/20: A tale of two conventions
08/27/20: Disproving a negative
08/25/20: An America we don’t recognize
08/20/20: The source of Republican problems
08/18/20: Peace in the Middle East? Not so fast!
08/13/20: Law(lessness) and (dis)order in Seattle and elsewhere
08/11/20: Trump is right about mail-in ballots
08/06/20: Trouble with Biden’s VP choices
08/04/20: John Lewis funeral was a political event
07/30/20: By any other name
07/28/20: Rioters are seditionists, not protesters
07/23/20: They’re coming for our guns (really)
07/21/20: Spending as if there is no tomorrow
07/16/20: A fatal conceit
07/14/20: Roger Stone’s ‘cornerstone’
07/08/20: Who’s ‘divisive’?
07/07/20: Will lightning strike twice?
07/02/20: Unpredictable John Roberts
06/30/20: DC is already a ‘state’
06/25/20: When the mob rules
06/23/20: Toxic in Tulsa
06/18/20: An opportunity for Trump in Tulsa
06/16/20: The shame is ours
06/11/20: Next time call a ‘pig’
06/09/20: A contract with black America
06/04/20: An unusual conversation
06/02/20: Racism, rioting and redemption
05/27/20: Biden regularly challenges us to examine his ‘record’. You’ll find it disturbing
05/26/20: Name-calling
05/21/20: ‘Snake oil’ cures
05/19/20: Stealth legislation
05/14/20: Opening up America
05/12/20: Will the ‘deep state’ be exposed?
05/07/20: We have been forewarned by history and contemporary Chinese leaders. Are we listening?
05/05/20: The two faces of Joe Biden
04/30/20: Once upon a time in another America
04/28/20: Then and now
04/23/20: The Acela media
04/21/20: Liberate America
04/15/20: Obama (finally) endorses Biden
04/14/20: A virus ‘side effect’: Homeschooling
04/09/20: Joe Biden calling
04/07/20: Do something about the coronavirus in your head — or else
04/02/20: Save the media!
03/31/20: The dark hole of debt
03/26/20: Whatever became of Dan Quayle?
03/24/20: After the pandemic ends, will we ignore this critical lesson? (Hint: Hygiene and peculiar foods are the least of it)
03/19/20: The virus and what matters most
03/17/20: The virus, the media and the economy
03/12/20: Gaffing his way to the presidency?
03/08/20: The shame of Chuck Schumer
03/05/20: Bargaining with the Taliban devil
03/03/20: We’re all in this together
02/27/20: The Russians are coming (again)
02/21/20: Mike didn’t get it done
02/20/20: Bloomberg — WOW! (And not in a positive manner, either)
02/18/20: Moderate, centrist: What do these mean?
02/13/20: DeVos doubles down on education reforms
02/11/20: A missed opportunity
02/06/20: The state of President Trump
02/04/20: After Trump acquittal, what’s next?
01/30/20: The Trump peace plan is doomed to fail
01/28/20: American hell
01/23/20: ‘America’s expiration date’
01/21/20: The show trial begins
01/16/20: Strategy revealed: Loose lips sink … elections
01/14/20: What I’d like to hear from candidates
01/09/20: It’s war: Are we in it to win it?
01/07/20: Add Iran’s leadership to ash heap of history
01/02/20: Socialism’s cyclical appeal
12/31/19: As we move into new decade, at look at life 100 years ago
12/27/19: Anti-Trump Christians, would you prefer a president who supports secular social agenda?
12/19/19: Final Jeopardy for Dems
12/17/19: Is it 1979 again?
12/12/19: Saudi sympathies ring hollow after Pensacola shooting
12/10/19: Ill will to men (and women)
12/05/19: Thou shalt not covet
12/03/19: Chickening out
11/28/19: Gifts that keep on giving
11/26/19: A lesson from ‘The Crown’
11/21/19: Israel’s right to its ancient land
11/19/19: Desperate Dems
11/14/19: Whatever happened to teaching history?
11/12/19: Real collusion
11/07/19: Who needs spiritual advisers?
11/05/19: The importance of ‘no-men’
10/31/19: Trick or Trick
10/29/19: Another one bites the dust
10/24/19: No more billionaires?
10/22/19: The Hillary-Tulsi smackdown
10/17/19: The president’s personality
10/15/19: A new insight into media bias
10/10/19: Trump channels George McGovern
10/07/19: Dems’ Twilight Zone
10/03/19: Every and all
10/01/19: Ukraine: A political rerun
09/26/19: Knowing it all at 16
09/24/19: A tribute to my mentors
09/19/19: The Kavanaugh reboot
09/16/19: Non-debate ‘debates’
09/12/19: When government runs health care
09/10/19: Dealing with the Taliban devil
09/05/19: Granny and the cliff revisited: Will Dems tax retirement savings?
09/03/19: Unequal justice
08/29/19: A ‘lost’ generation?
08/27/19: They’ve left their heads in San Francisco
08/22/19: You didn’t build that II
08/20/19: Vote for me, even if you hate me?
08/15/19: Socialism never?
08/13/19: None dare call it ‘conspiracy’
08/08/19: When evil is revealed and we refuse to see, act
08/06/19: Fixing Baltimore: A plan
08/01/19: Smelling rats in Baltimore
07/30/19: What’s next for Dems post-Mueller?
07/25/19: The Founders and national debt
07/23/19: End immigration to mend it
07/18/19: America: Love it or leave it (again)
07/16/19: Apollo 11 at 50
07/11/19: This European country can teach America a thing or five about a sound immigration policy
07/09/19: Not a ‘total loser’
07/04/19: Censoring the census
07/02/19: Questions I would have asked the Dems
06/27/19: Bribing the Palestinians won’t work
06/25/19: On treachery — and the future of journalism
06/20/19: Must we wage war with Iran?
06/18/19: Hypocrisy has lost all meaning
06/13/19: Deeper and deeper in debt
06/11/19: Praying (or not) for the president
06/06/19: D-Day’s ‘forgotten’ woman
06/04/19: Upside-down justice
05/30/19: No credit where credit is due
05/28/19: Once a terrorist always a terrorist
05/23/19: A problem for every solution
05/21/19: The pro-life movement’s moment
05/16/19: My sentimental journey with Doris Day
05/14/19: Back to the past with Joe Biden
05/09/19: A solution to college debt
05/07/19: Remembering the pioneers
05/02/19: Signs of the times
04/30/19: This time, for the jack-ass party, it REALLY is “It’s the economy, stupid.” And that means trouble
04/25/19: In defense of Kate Smith
04/23/19: They’ve only just begun
04/18/19: The exception that is Costa Rica
04/16/19: Flooding the sanctuary zones
04/11/19: It’s about time
04/09/19: Him and Dems
04/04/19: Joe Biden suffers a political hit
04/02/19: If not an emergency, what is it?
03/28/19: Media complicit in collusion narrative
03/26/19: No evidence of collusion, no surprise
03/21/19: A harsh president
03/19/19: The New Zealand massacre
03/14/19: Why socialism fails
03/12/19: The Dems’ Jewish problem
03/07/19: Bryce Harper and loyalty
03/05/19: Bibi and Trump agonistes
02/28/19: Kudos to Dianne Feinstein — Did I actually just write that!?
02/26/19: Picking up good migration
02/21/19: Back to Munich
02/19/19: Premises, premises
02/14/19: How could they?
02/12/19: Getting easier to be ‘green’
02/07/19: The state of what union?
02/05/19: Slaughter of the innocents reaches new depths
01/31/19: What became of country before party?
01/29/19: Cave vs. wall
01/24/19: Going gaga over the ladies
01/22/19: Trump’s State of the Union options
01/17/19: Now playing in Puerto Rico
01/15/19: Cough up, America
01/10/19: The Trump speech and the response
01/08/19: What’s the point of a carbon tax rebate?
01/03/19: Decision time on Brexit
01/01/19: Resolved: To speak English
12/27/18: Osama Bin Laden was right
12/20/18: Tough on criminal justice reform
12/18/18: And Now the Boy Scouts
12/13/18: The fury of the establishment
12/11/18: Mean-spirited media do 180 on Bush
12/06/18: A powerful lesson as we remember President Bush
12/04/18: George H.W. Bush: Man of character
11/28/18: Apocalypse when?
11/27/18: Trump vs. Roberts
11/22/18: Wayne Stayskal: Cartoonist extraordinaire
11/20/18: The Florida fiasco ends
11/15/18: The shame of the Catholic Church
11/13/18: What’s wrong with Florida elections?
11/08/18: Will the moment seize Democrats?
11/06/18: Ending birthright citizenship
11/01/18: Hating the Jews
10/30/18: The sickness spreads
10/25/18: Invasion of the country snatchers
10/23/18: A plan for debt relief
10/18/18: The Khashoggi affair
10/16/18: Why vote for Dems?
10/11/18: A monster named Kermit, in a must-see movie
10/09/18: Susan Collins’ finest hour
10/04/18: A victory on trade
10/02/18: Delay, deceive and destroy
09/27/18: The Kavanaughs speak
09/25/18: Time to end the judiciary circus
09/20/18: Dems’ delay tactics
09/18/18: The left is running on empty
09/13/18: A history lesson
09/12/18: Obama goes on attack, but arguments fall flat against Trump successes
09/05/18: Eminently qualified Kavanaugh facing hostile Dems
09/04/18: Bipartisanship or caving in?
08/30/18: The Catholic Church sex abuse scandal
08/28/18: Double standards
08/23/18: The doctor is (not) in
08/21/18: How to keep Aretha’s music playing
08/16/18: Omarosa tries to channel Anita Hill
08/14/18: Prison reform: An unlikely GOP issue
08/09/18: Advice for the president
08/07/18: The Matrix at 20
08/01/18: Trump and Sulzberger on media bias
07/30/18: What’s not to like about Trump policies?
07/26/18: The seduction of socialism
07/24/18: The name of the game: votes for Dems
07/19/18: Questioning intelligence
07/17/18: The week that wasn’t for anti-Trumpers
07/12/18: The Brett Kavanaugh nomination
07/10/18: Is Europe awakening to the threat?
07/05/18: The cult of Trump?
07/03/18: Back to the Constitution
06/28/18: Thirty years of ‘global warming’ panic
06/26/18: Bigotry returns to Virginia
06/21/18: The politics behind separation anxiety
06/19/18: Bias and the beholder
06/14/18: A tribute to Charles Krauthammer
06/12/18: Lessons for the Trump-Kim summit
06/07/18: The politics of cake
06/05/18: Different standards for the left
05/31/18: Ireland makes its decision on abortion
05/29/18: The NFL isn’t through
05/24/18: Gambling on sports is a bad bet
05/22/18: The GOP’s fear factor
05/17/18: The coarsening of political language
05/15/18: The bitterness tour
05/10/18: One at a time
05/08/18: The exhaustion factor
05/03/18: The vulgar goes mainstream
05/01/18: Learning from North Korea’s history
04/26/18: ‘Crazy Bernie’ is at it again
04/24/18: Following Jesus, or following Trump?
04/19/18: Is ‘Old-fashioned’ returning?
04/17/18: Not another welfare reform freakout!
04/12/18: Searching and seizing
04/10/18: Syria, Trump and isolationism
04/05/18: Give Laura Ingraham the opportunity to confront the cowardly Left
04/03/18: What’s wrong in Washington (and America)
03/29/18: John Bolton’s enemies
03/26/18: Budget contributes to national insecurity
03/22/18: The Russian (S)election
03/20/18: The unbalanced California FACT Act
03/15/18: Apocalypse now?
03/13/18: How do Trump critics respond to success?
03/08/18: Only fools believe North Korea
03/06/18: Harvey Schmidt was fantastic
03/01/18: Boldly going like no president before
02/27/18: Deterrence can work
02/22/18: Russia not the only actors in the 2016 election
02/20/18: Warning signs ignored again
02/15/18: The war that never ends
02/13/18: Shakespeare’s advice for free spending GOPers
02/07/18: Prison reform: The time is now
02/06/18: The memo and the truth
02/01/18: The state of President Trump
01/30/18: A message for my evangelical friends
01/25/18: High taxes produce a moving experience
01/23/18: Blame us for government shutdown
01/18/18: Al Capone lives!
01/16/18: Thanks, China (maybe)
01/11/18: Oprah: The latest ‘Messiah’?
01/09/18: Are Trump’s accusers ‘mad’?
01/04/18: Character counts, but so do results
01/02/18: Try a little tenderness in 2018
12/28/17: The UK’s consequential embrace of secularism
12/26/17: Heritage breaks two glass ceilings
12/19/17: A government ‘refund’
12/14/17: Trump’s accomplishments obscured by distractions
12/12/17: No king but Caesar
12/07/17: Memo to Jared Kushner
12/06/17: Starving the beast
11/30/17: The return of virtue
11/28/17: Better late than never: Really?
11/23/17: Can Trump-haters be thankful for him?
11/21/17: The Museum of the Bible is more than a museum
11/16/17: A moving experience
11/14/17: The corruption of faith
11/09/17: Hillary and Bill Houdini
11/07/17: With Teladoc, the doctor will see you now … really!
11/02/17: Indictments and ham sandwiches
10/31/17: Shocking but not surprising
10/26/17: A taxing situation
10/24/17: #MeToo: My daughter and granddaughter, too
10/19/17: The Trump-McConnell detente
10/16/17: Trump head, Pence tail
10/12/17: BANNED!: ‘We must protect our minority students from dangerous, hurtful ideas’
10/10/17: Why criticize Harvey Weinstein?
10/05/17: Defining evil
10/03/17: Math, history and tax reform
09/28/17: Unnecessary roughness
09/26/17: The Vietnam War revisited
09/21/17: The UN: Once ‘useless,’ now useful
09/19/17: Ignorant nation
09/14/17: The option play
09/12/17: The Mafia and the migrants
09/07/17: On taxes and immigration: look to Hungary
09/05/17: Turkey’s choice: Past or future
08/31/17: Pardoning Sheriff Arpaio
08/29/17: Diana, still our goddess of beauty
08/24/17: Afghanistan: A bottomless pit?
08/22/17: Historical hysteria
08/17/17: Armageddon postponed
08/15/17: Tragedy in Charlottesville
08/10/17: Sanctuary cities vs. hideouts
08/08/17: Common sense uncommon in Washington
08/03/17: Wars and rumors of wars
08/01/17: The president is not the enemy
07/27/17: Dems’ ‘better deal’ is a raw deal
07/25/17: A plan to save Social Security
07/20/17: Porking out with your money
07/18/17: Here’s Ronnie!
07/13/17: The state is not God
07/11/17: President Trump’s vision
07/06/17: A place where civility once ruled
07/04/17: Insulter in chief
06/29/17: Two wins for Trump
06/27/17: Real scandals
06/22/17: Sinking feeling in Puerto Rico
06/20/17: Why so much rage?
06/15/17: The religious left’s Second Coming
06/13/17: Lying liars
06/08/17: If it walks like a terrorist
06/05/17: Hysteria over Paris pullout
06/01/17: What price separation from Europe?
05/30/17: Terrorism’s ‘Groundhog Day’ scenario
05/25/17: Seriously, Mr. President? Would you also trust the KKK to fight racism, anti-Semitism too?
05/23/17: The genius of Roger Ailes
05/18/17: Big hack attack and the NHS
05/16/17: Mr. President, please stop the insults
05/11/17: Awards have lost their meaning
05/09/17: Will we ever learn?
05/04/17: The People vs. the Press
05/02/17: Exploiting the presidency
04/27/17: Talking right
04/25/17: The police vs. the PC police
04/20/17: What next with North Korea?
04/18/17: Reform the tax code now!
04/13/17: Rush to execute the guilty and innocent
04/11/17: The Middle East’s siren call
04/06/17: The Pence-Graham Rule
04/04/17: Gorsuch and the ghost of Harry Reid
03/30/17: The congressmen and the counselor
03/28/17: Personality and policy
03/23/17: Will ‘violating’ of teen girl in high school bathroom by illegal be wake-up call?
03/18/17: Purity and politics
03/16/17: Seizing a historic opportunity
03/14/17: America’s longest war
03/09/17: Wiki-flood
03/07/17: The Trump effect
03/02/17: Trump reinvents himself
02/28/17: Toward better relations with the press
02/23/17: What happened to conservative optimism?
02/21/17: Trump and the media: Demolition derby
02/16/17: Interview of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos
02/16/17: A new direction on education
02/15/17: Men, love your wives (before they’re gone)
02/14/17: Some walls work
02/09/17: Major media remain in denial
02/07/17: Be careful what you wish for
02/02/17: The narrative
01/31/17: The week that was
01/26/17: Feeling good (so far)
01/24/17: Rhetoric and reality
01/19/17: Trying a different way
01/17/17: Ben Carson: Role model
01/12/17: Not so Golden Globes
01/09/17: Russian hacking and glass houses
01/05/17: Chicago carnage: What can be done?
01/02/17: Kerry’s two-faced solution
12/29/16: Obama to Israel: Drop dead
12/27/16: More terror, more denial
12/22/16: The familiarity of Christmas
12/20/16: Hope and humility
12/15/16: Faking the news
12/12/16: Transcript of Cal Thomas’ interview with vice president-elect Mike Pence
12/12/16: Mike Pence says Trump has a mandate
12/08/16: U.S.-Israel relations set to improve
12/06/16: Remembering Pearl Harbor at 75
12/01/16: For secretary of state: John Bolton
11/29/16: The left’s love affair with Fidel Castro
11/24/16: ‘Hamilton,’ Trump and diversity
11/22/16: Black America since MLK
11/17/16: We won, you lost, deal with it
11/15/16: Advising the president-elect
11/10/16: Trump’s chance to change the narrative
11/07/16: Ever Trump
11/03/16: The final speech Trump should make
11/01/16: October demise?
10/27/16: Trump’s ‘Contract’
10/25/16: Dirty tricks: Then and now
10/20/16: The Bernie Sanders effect
10/18/16: Corruption and collusion
10/13/16: The Bickersons revisited
10/10/16: At stake: The Constitution
10/06/16: Faith and the would-be veeps
10/04/16: A taxing situation
09/29/16: Advice for second debate
09/27/16: It’s time for Trump
09/22/16: More terror, more denials
09/20/16: Questions Lester Holt should ask
09/15/16: Congenital liar
09/13/16: The ‘Deplorables’
09/08/16: Hillary Clinton channels Nixon
09/06/16: The EU’s taxing problem
09/01/16: Trump calls for an oath to America
08/30/16: Where there’s smoke there’s fire
08/25/16: Abolishing ‘man’ at Princeton
08/23/16: To ID or not to ID?
08/18/16: Sheriff David Clarke does John Wayne proud
08/16/16: What the past can teach us
08/11/16: Those ‘old, tired ideas’
08/09/16: Ransom by another name
08/04/16: The third coming of Ben-Hur
08/02/16: Hillary’s recycled speech
07/28/16: Email leak outs DNC
07/22/16: Trump’s acceptance speech
07/21/16: Cause and effect
07/19/16: Pence is salt to Trump’s pepper
07/14/16: May and Trump: A replay of Thatcher and Reagan?
07/12/16: The race narrative
07/07/16: Free pass for Hillary
07/05/16: Hillary Clinton and identity politics
06/30/16: Campaign conversion?
06/28/16: Britain to EU: Good riddance
06/23/16: Character no longer counts
06/21/16: Logic-free zone
06/16/16: Hillary Clinton: The most qualified?
06/14/16: Needed: A declaration of war
06/09/16: Interview with Donald Trump
06/09/16: Explaining Donald Trump
06/07/16: Hillary and the ‘what if’ scenarios
06/02/16: Snoop Dogg is right
05/31/16: Rules? What rules?
05/26/16: A better way to run for president
05/24/16: Trump and the Supreme Court
05/19/16: Hamilton: Lessons from the man and the musical
05/17/16: Losses without gains
05/11/16: North Carolina fights back
05/10/16: A shadow cabinet for Trump
05/05/16: Socialism’s false promise
05/03/16: Whom to blame for the rise of Trump?
04/28/16: God and politics (continued)
04/26/16: The felon vote
04/21/16: The Celtic tiger lives
04/19/16: The Saudis practice mafia tactics
04/14/16: Congress still wasting taxpayers’ money
04/12/16: Where are they now?
04/07/16: Whose morality?
04/05/16: Can’t we do better?
03/31/16: No copyright on hypocrisy
03/28/16: Must terrorism be the new normal?
03/24/16: The ‘apology tour’ comes full circle
03/22/16: A liberal garland for Garland
03/17/16: Iran’s missiles and the nuclear deal
03/15/16: Nancy with the laughing face
03/10/16: White poverty and me
03/08/16: Razzle dazzling ourselves
03/03/16: How to reform institutions
03/01/16: Sewer politics
02/25/16: The Schumer-Biden test
02/23/16: The ‘itching ears’ of Trump followers
02/17/16: Antonin Scalia’s successor
02/16/16: Not the America I knew
02/11/16: That ‘controversial’ Doritos commercial
02/09/16: Bernie and Hillary’s America
02/04/16: The failure of multiculturalism
02/02/16: The United States of Trump
01/28/16: With Iran it’s strictly business
01/26/16: No Trump!
01/21/16: Dollars for hostages
01/19/16: Too big to fail: The sequel?
01/14/16: Hillary Clinton: Slip slidin’ away
01/12/16: Solutions to poverty not posturing
01/07/16: Out of (gun) control
01/06/16: Roots and identity
12/31/15: Taking stock
12/29/15: The sum of all fears
12/24/15: No peace or goodwill
12/22/15: Republicans surrender to the ‘dark side’
12/17/15: GOP debate number five
12/15/15: Hot air in Paris
12/10/15: Disorder in Sharia courts
12/08/15: A Churchill-like moment
12/03/15: In Israel, the more things change…
12/01/15: Invading Germany
11/26/15: John Kasich’s bad idea
11/24/15: Terrorists as ‘tourists’
11/19/15: The race to riot on college campuses
11/17/15: Do we even know who we are?
11/12/15: Is Rubio the one?
11/10/15: Keystone kaput for now
11/05/15: Once more with ‘the vision thing’
11/03/15: Bob Beckel should be dead
10/29/15: A state of death
10/27/15: Hillary escapes again
10/22/15: Doing for yourself
10/20/15: Another meeting of unlike minds
10/15/15: The Dem debate: There they go again
10/13/15: Banana Republicans?
10/08/15: The ‘new’ Hillary
10/06/15: Joaquin and Obama: Two forces of nature
10/01/15: Taxing propositions
09/29/15: John Boehner: Then and Now
09/24/15: Ben Carson’s warning
09/22/15: Carly Fiorina: Major leaguer
09/17/15: Bernie does Liberty University
09/15/15: Trump is ‘Lonesome Rhodes’
09/10/15: Two kingdoms in conflict over same-sex marriage
09/08/15: The point of no return
09/03/15: Exchanging one country for another
09/01/15: Murder in living color
08/27/15: U.S. and UK politics are mirror images
08/25/15: Jimmy Carter’s peace
08/20/15: Boot camp not benefits
08/18/15: The summer of our discontent
08/13/15: Another education subsidy
08/11/15: Fox debate: Unfair and unbalanced?
08/06/15: Obama keeps his promise
08/04/15: Another British invasion
07/30/15: Debates vs. debates
07/28/15: Earth to Kepler-452b
07/23/15: Why selling baby parts should shock no one
07/21/15: Memo to Obama: You’re No Ronald Reagan
07/16/15: Defining Hillary Clinton
07/14/15: There should be no sanctuary from the law
07/09/15: They hate us, but who cares?
07/07/15: Evangelicals should return to core beliefs
07/02/15: Blind, deaf and dumb on Iran
06/30/15: Alternative-lifestyle ‘marriage’ is only the beginning
06/25/15: The pope, the globe and the facts
06/23/15: Amazing grace in Charleston
06/18/15: Hillary: You’re so yesterday
06/16/15: China’s big hack attack
06/11/15: Something very strange, if not bordering on insidious, is happening to this country
06/09/15: What will they think of next? ‘Female Viagra’
06/04/15: The Wright stuff
06/02/15: The O’Malley Factor
05/28/15: No Memorial Day for inner-city dead
05/26/15: Obama’s hot-air commencement address
05/21/15: The false god of politics
05/18/15: Who is a journalist?
05/14/15: Stop blaming ‘racist police’ for your problems
05/12/15: Britain’s surprising Conservatives
05/07/15: The terrorists among us
05/05/15: Unruly Britannia
04/30/15: Until the court do us part?
04/28/15: Another signpost on the road to destruction
04/23/15: Was sacrifice of Ramadi dead in vain?
04/21/15: Flunking civics should no longer be an option
04/16/15: ‘Little Boy’: A classic modern film
04/14/15: The ‘new’ Hillary Clinton
04/09/15: Carly Fiorina, a woman of accomplishment
04/07/15: The Iran framework: Devilish details to follow
04/02/15: Indiana and the culture wars
03/30/15: How do you solve a problem like the Clintons?
03/26/15: A better 2016 agenda
03/24/15: Disastrous Iran deal may prove fatal to Israel
03/19/15: Sunshine Week should turn up the heat
03/17/15: The power of forgiveness
03/12/15: Hillary’s matter of convenience
03/10/15: Selma plus 50
03/05/15: Taylor Swift’s bad investment
03/03/15: Bibi at the barricade
02/26/15: Stop the immigration flood
02/24/15: Who loves America?
02/19/15: CNN anchor: ‘Our rights do not come from God’
02/17/15: President Obama, America’s Nero
02/12/15: Bobby Jindal for president?
02/10/15: 63rd Annual National Prayer Breakfast … let us prey
02/05/15: Hyphenated-Nation
02/03/15: Be wary of the candidate who wears his faith on his sleeve
01/29/15: Another snow job
01/27/15: GOP abortion bill: right ends, wrong means
01/22/15: Winston Churchill: A man for all times
01/20/15: President Obama sings the same old song
01/15/15: Why all the love for George Clooney?
01/13/15: Is Paris burning?
01/08/15: Bill Clinton and the company he keeps
01/06/15: Mario Cuomo: The rhetoric and the record
01/01/15: Studying ISIS and ourselves
12/30/14: America interrupted
12/25/14: ‘Unbroken’ the film
12/23/14: Cuba libre!
12/18/14: The rules of war need updating
12/16/14: Gov. Mike Pence: National government is not the nation
12/11/14: Why release a report on the CIA in wartime?
12/09/14: Rep. Paul Ryan’s hope for a Congress that works
12/04/14: British Prime Minister should write American immigration policy
12/02/14: How to prevent Ferguson rioters — and their, ahem, ideological, brothers — from ever lifting another brick or can of gas
11/27/14: This Thanksgiving, have an attitude of gratitude
11/25/14: Obama’s immigration policy: How about putting Americans first?
11/20/14: Teaching hate
11/18/14: Unfaithfully executing the law
11/13/14: Who are you calling stupid?
11/11/14: Coolidge in 2016
11/04/14: Iran nuclear talks like bargaining with the devil
11/04/14: Dems playing the race ‘deck’ in midterm elections
10/30/14: Jeb Bush and taxes — ready my lips, part II
10/28/14: Help for Middle East Christians
10/23/14: Who needs an Ebola czar?
10/21/14: Houston pastors fight censorship challenge
10/16/14: We’re living in depressing times
10/14/14: Rebuilding Gaza for the next attack
10/09/14: The Supreme Court’s nonruling on gay marriage
10/07/14: ISIS, Ebola — Americans can handle the truth
10/02/14: Obama spreads the blame around for ISIS rise
09/30/14: Healthy, stoked libidos and non-consenting prey
09/25/14: Use mercenaries to fight ISIS?
09/23/14: What Jack Ma can re-teach Americaa
09/18/14: Why do Americans hate America?
09/16/14: Hillary’s ‘steak’ is not well done
09/11/14: The sacking of Ray Rice
09/09/14: The McDonnell verdict
09/05/14: Joan Rivers and me
09/04/14: Hong Kong: One country, one system
09/02/14: Can that ‘national conversation on race’ we’re supposed to be having be accomplished by a taped TV show?
08/28/14: Scotland’s future hangs in balance
08/26/14: If ISIS attacks again, what will U.S. do?
08/21/14: I SIS ‘a national security threat’
08/19/14: Theater of the Absurd in Ferguson, Missouri
08/14/14: Robin Williams: Comedy and tragedy
08/11/14: Confronting ISIS — ‘It takes an army to defeat an army
08/07/14: The Nixon resignation at 40
08/05/14: People, not politicians improve world economies
07/31/14: WWI, the not so great war
07/29/14: Lois Lowry’s ‘The Giver’ a portent of what might be?
07/24/14: Rick Perry’s bold border move
07/22/14: No more aid to the Palestinian Authority
07/17/14: Are black voters turning against Obama?
07/15/14: Good news: Obama administration finally supports a border fence — in Israel
07/10/14: Chicago: A town that won’t let you down?
07/08/14: Constitution, not illegal immigration is ‘central to our way of life’
07/04/14: Louis Zamperini and Memorial Day
07/03/14: America’s DNA: ‘The Federalist Papers’
07/01/14: Our arrogant president
06/26/14: No denying climate change deniers
06/24/14: The difference between Republicans and Dems
06/19/14: U.S. troops return to Iraq … too little, too late?
06/17/14: Iraq is on its own!
06/12/14: Ready for Hillary?
06/10/14: Israel is not America
06/05/14: D-Day is dumb day for too many
06/03/14: Negotiating with terrorists
05/29/14: The tea party lives — in Europe
05/27/14: The Rich List and the West’s culture of envy
05/22/14: The VA, the NHS and choice
05/20/14: Hillary’s health matters
05/15/14: Free speech not so free when discussing gay rights
05/13/14: First redistribute Vatican wealth
05/08/14: Supreme Court rules 5-4 on public prayer
05/06/14: Government waste: Where has all the money gone?
05/01/14: Hillary Clinton’s ‘social gospel’ good enough for Dems
04/29/14: Obama’s foreign policy nonexistent
04/24/14: John Paul Stevens proposes new constitutional amendments
04/22/14: Faith in Obamacare, or government, is misplaced
04/17/14: Chicken Little ‘science’
04/15/14: Kathleen Sebelius: Scapegoat
04/10/14: Kerry’s folly
04/08/14: Focus on what works
04/03/14: The ABC’s of school choice
04/01/14: Much ado about Noah
03/27/14: G0D AND CAESAR (AGAIN)
03/25/14: Fred Phelps: Satan’s servant
03/20/14: Humiliation nation(s)
03/18/14: Missing: A foreign policy
03/13/14: Getting satisfaction
03/11/14: Stormtroopers, a Wookiee and CPAC
03/06/14: Pressuring the wrong country
03/03/14: Let them eat cake
02/27/14: Is Cruz out of control?
02/25/14: Separation of government from press
02/20/14: Back to the past: Not a winning formula for GOP
02/17/14: Michele Bachmann: Undeterred and undiminished
02/13/14: Taking the law into his own hands
02/11/14: A trust deficit
02/06/14: ‘Alone Yet Not Alone’ vs. Academy’s ‘ethics’
02/04/14: Retreating on illegal immigration
01/30/14: State of the Union 2014
01/28/14: Jay Leno: Mr. Nice Guy
01/23/14: Cuomo to conservatives: Leave New York
01/21/14: The shame of Benghazi
01/14/14: The NHS: Dogma vs. experience
01/14/14: A political bridge too far (BONUS COLUMN)
01/14/14: Ariel Sharon in his own words, up close and personal
01/09/14: Bye, Bye Phil Everly
01/07/14: Ideology vs. reality
01/02/14: The war on poverty at 50
12/31/13: Not getting what we pay for
12/26/13: A Duck Dynasty checklist
12/24/13: A gift that will keep on giving
12/19/13: Big Brother 2013
12/17/13: Culture of death (continued)
12/12/13: Income ‘inequality’
12/10/13: Two Mandelas
12/05/13: Detroit’s decline didn’t have to happen
12/03/13: Black Friday: Dark night rises
11/28/13: Obama finds a way to ruin Thanksgiving
11/26/13: Obama’s Munich
11/21/13: A personal JFK remembrance
11/19/13: Second American Revolution.in offing?
11/14/13: Kennedy, Huxley and Lewis
11/12/13: The coming betrayal of Israel
11/07/13: Is Christie the one?
11/05/13: Greece, N.Y., enters debate on public prayer
10/31/13: What will happen to Afghan women when the Taliban returns?
10/29/13: Hey GOP: Put on a happy face
10/24/13: Obama in wonderland
10/22/13: Just say ‘no’ to underwriting more debt
10/17/13: Henry Louis Gates returns with ‘The African Americans’
10/15/13: The ‘bums’ aren’t the problem: We are
10/10/13: Culture’s casualties
10/08/13: An American comeback
10/03/13: A Republican response to Obamacare
10/01/13: Misplaced faith in government
09/26/13: The president’s U.N. speech
09/24/13: Who’s an extortionist?
09/19/13: Climate change ice-capped
09/17/13: The Syria seduction
09/12/13: We’ve been played
09/10/13: Syria and history
09/05/13: Unfair and unjust
09/04/13: The weakened president
08/29/13: Once more into the snake pit
08/27/13: Ashton Kutcher’s message
08/22/13: Final warnings about Obamacare
08/20/13: The speech, the dream and me
08/15/13: A constitutional cure for what ails us
08/13/13: What’s your foreign policy, Mr. President?
08/08/13: Floating conservatives
08/06/13: The enduring legacy of Anne Frank
08/01/13: Meaningless concessions
07/30/13: Jefferson and Ho
07/25/13: Losing faith in government
07/23/13: The president’s take on race
07/18/13: 16-year-old has a brave heart
07/16/13: Zimmerman verdict and double standards
07/11/13: NHS lessons for Obamacare
07/09/13: Islamists not ready for democracy
07/04/13: Independence Day plus 237
07/01/13: No Standard
06/27/13: Affirming action
06/25/13: Breakout from politics of the past
06/20/13: Talking to the Taliban
06/18/13: Then what in Syria?
06/13/13: Foreign affairs
06/11/13: When government can’t be trusted
06/06/13: The coming Obamacare disaster
06/04/13: How to spell success
05/30/13: (Dole)ing out blame for gridlock
05/28/13: Two prime ministers
05/23/13: The president’s Morehouse address
05/21/13: Tyranny is no longer ‘lurking’
05/16/13: Gosnell’s ‘clinic of horrors’
05/14/13: Benghazi, IRS: Son of Watergate?
05/09/13: Taxing Internet sales
05/07/13: Would things go better with Koch?
05/02/13: Immigration deformed
04/30/13: Back to the ’50s
04/25/13: No boundaries, big problem
04/23/13: What next after Boston?
04/18/13: Bombed in Boston
04/16/13: Britain’s hateful politics
04/11/13: The lady was a champ
04/09/13: Gun laws and human nature
04/04/13: School for scandal
04/02/13: Why do liberals fear success?
03/28/13: Beware public opinion
03/26/13: Unhappy anniversary
03/21/13: Flight of fancy
03/19/13: Pols who decide death — and guarantee life
03/14/13: Detroit’s decline
03/12/13: The sound of inevitability
03/07/13: Sequesterville
03/05/13: The downside of orthodoxy
02/28/13: Ryan’s hope
02/26/13: Gov. Scott to voters: Never mind
02/21/13: Extortionist in chief
02/19/13: The double threats
02/14/13: Recycling old and failed ideas
02/12/13: Let us prey
02/07/13: Drone double standard
02/05/13: Government shouldn’t define ‘church’
01/31/13: A missed opportunity by ’60 Minutes’
01/29/13: GOP: R.I.P.?
01/24/13: Big government 2.0
01/23/13: Roe v. Wade at 40
01/21/13: The man
01/17/13: An imperial president
01/15/13: Control politicians, not guns
01/10/13: Hagel and defense
01/08/13: Female vs. male senators
01/03/13: More of the same
01/01/13: What price U.S. citizenship?
12/27/12: Vietnam Plus-50
12/20/12: One Night in Bangkok
12/18/12: Explaining evil
12/13/12: No entitlements
12/11/12: You gotta have hope
12/06/12: No skin in the game
12/04/12: Dark shadows
11/29/12: Taxpayers, revolt!
11/27/12: ‘Pharaoh’ Morsi
11/20/12: Marco Rubio: A Hispanic Reagan?
11/20/12: Groundhog Day: Middle East version
11/15/12: Sex and the city (of Washington)
11/13/12: Changing America
11/08/12: Four more years of decline
11/06/12: What’s next?
11/01/12: The 2012 choice
10/30/12: Who’s a racist?
10/25/12: What is our foreign policy?
10/23/12: From 1999: Former U.S. senator and 1972 presidential nominee George McGovern (D-South Dakota)
10/23/12: George McGovern: A conservative’s appreciation
10/18/12: The second debate
10/16/12: Biden vs. Ryan: Old vs. New
10/12/12: The most famous woman you’ve never met
10/11/12: Needed: A new foreign policy
10/09/12: 8.1 percent, 7.8 percent — whatever
10/04//12: ‘Total reprobate’
10/02//12: The main event
09/27/12: Who needs reform most: Egypt or America?
09/25/12: Romney’s taxes: Who cares?
09/20/12: Distractions and diversions
09/18/12: War through weakness
09/13/12: Time for school choice in Chicago
09/06/12: Dealers in hope
09/04/12: Privileges and responsibilities
08/30/12: Big boy (and girl) night
08/28/12: Romney’s opportunity
08/23/12:Trapping season
08/21/12: A debate about debates
08/16/12: The legacy of Helen Gurley Brown
08/14/12: Romney-Ryan: Real change
08/09/12: ‘Mad Dog’ Harry Reid
08/08/12: One singular sensation
08/07/12: The ‘boring’ 2012 campaign
08/02/12: President Obama: You’re no Bill Clinton
07/31/12: Eat more chicken
07/26/12: Suppose Michele Bachmann is right?
07/24/12: Dark night
07/19/12: 7 habits of highly ineffective government
07/17/12: Mitt Romney and the NAACP
07/12/12: The Stossel solution
07/10/12: The numbers game
07/05/12: The ‘Oprahfication’ of America
07/03/12: Bait and switch on Obamacare
06/28/12: Should the West believe Egypt’s new president?
06/26/12: The NHS: A guide for Americans under ObamaCare
06/21/12: Is the worm turning?
06/19/12: All hail Emperor Obama
06/14/12: Who are you calling ‘extreme’?
06/12/12: She warned us
06/07/12: Growing independence from both parties
06/05/12: On, Wisconsin!
05/31/12: America and future wars
05/29/12: Egg on Face(book)
05/24/12: The media’s religion deficit
05/22/12: The citizen and the government
05/17/12: The president’s ‘other gospel’
05/15/12: Romney’s stellar performance
05/10/12: Marriage and political expedience
05/08/12: Finding your roots
05/03/12: College, loans and the road to success
05/01/12: Give ’em ‘L’ Mitt!
04/26/12: The war is over?
04/24/12: The ‘new’ Charles Colson
04/20/12: Dick Clark remembered
04/19/12: Not so Secret Service
04/17/12: Latest salvo fired in ‘Mommy Wars’
04/12/12: Rick Santorum’s impossible dream
04/10/12: Titanic: The reality
04/05/12: Inspiration plus perspiration equals success
04/03/12: Care or cure?
03/29/12: Obama unleashed
03/27/12: What’s different about Trayvon Martin?
03/22/12: For government: No limits
03/20/12: The main event
03/15/12: What now for Republicans?
03/13/12: Where’s the hope?
03/08/12: A sincere apology
03/06/12: Ultrasound, ultra-truth
03/01/12: Leave Afghanistan now
02/27/12: THE G0D GAP
02/23/12: Is censorship the new pluralism?
02/21/12: Black (liberal) history month
02/16/12: Maddow and my lesson in civility
02/14/12: Losing liberty
02/09/12: Fudging the numbers
02/07/12:The president’s ‘social gospel’
02/02/12: Nearing a decision on Iran
01/30/12: War through weakness?
01/26/12: A presidential rerun
01/24/12: It’s complicated
01/19/12: Not by sight, but by faith
01/17/12: Three conservative victories
01/12/12: Time to run a ‘Tebow’ media option play
01/10/12: The Threat
01/06/12: My brother’s valuable life
01/05/12: China’s JFK moment
01/03/12: Don’t die stupid
12/29/11: The Justice Department’s identity problem
12/27/11: Certain prediction for 2012
12/22/11: Grieving at Christmas
12/20/11: Death of an atheist
12/16/11: Obama’s latest ’60 Minutes’ interview
12/13/11: Romney Out in Front
12/08/11: It’s a tough time for Jews
12/06/11: What’s wrong with adultery?
12/01/11: A December to Remember
11/29/11: Compassionate conservatism: The sequel?
11/24/11: Thankfulness and OWS
11/22/11: Searching for the perfect candidate
11/17/11: Puerto Rico’s revival
11/15/11: Penn State’s Shame and Ours
11/10/11: Surprise! Iran Has Nukes
11/08/11: Politics of Personal Destruction II
11/03/11: Herman Cain’s Gauntlet
11/01/11: Picture This!
10/27/11: Bobby Jindal’s Triumph
10/25/11: Gadhafi Bites the Dust … What’s Next?
10/20/11: Vote For Obama Because He’s Black
10/18/11: To Live or Die ‘On the Floor’
10/13/11: Politics and Religion 2012 Version
10/11/11:The Innovation Deficit
10/07/11: Regrets? They’ve Had a Few
10/06/11: Christie’s Right Decision
10/04/11: Messiah Complex: The Sequel?
09/29/11: Marching Orders
09/27/11: Paying the Dead
09/22/11: Texas (Partially) Explained
09/20/11: If Israel Disappears
09/15/11: Ron Paul Was Right
09/13/11: President Obama’s Folly
09/08/11: Reasons to Remember 9-11
09/06/11: A Plan That Works
09/01/11: Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue
08/30/11: The Tide and Marco Rubio
08/25/11: To the Shores of Tripoli
08/23/11: Yes, Virginia, There is a Surplus!
08/18/11: A New Wave of Bigotry?
08/16/11: Explanations and Excuses for English Riots
08/12/11: The Death of a Principled Moderate
08/10/11: Sons of Anarchy
08/09/11: America Downgraded!
08/04/11: Tea Party ‘Terrorists’
08/02/11: The Reluctant Presidential Candidate
07/28/11: Praying for the Right (or Left) Result
07/26/11: And Now Norway
07/21/11: Glee Over Murdoch Troubles
07/19/11: Fixing the Present, Ensuring the Future
07/14/11: A Religious Test for 2012?
07/12/11: Millionaires and Billionaires
07/07/11: No More ‘Right Stuff’?
07/05/11: Marco Rubio: Ready for Political Primetime
06/30/11: ‘Mortal Kombat’ and the First Amendment
06/28/11: New Jersey Miracle: What About the Rest of Us?
06/23/11: Big Media Suicide Compact
06/21/11: Normalizing Deviance
06/16/11: The Law and Civil Liberties
06/14/11: Media Hit Bottom With Palin Emails
06/09/11: A Time For Sadness
06/07/11: As Britain Goes, So Goes America?
06/02/11: What ‘Arab Spring’?
05/31/11: Obama: American Idol
05/26/11: Louis Zamperini and Memorial Day
05/24/11: Betraying Israel
05/19/11: Blackmailing Taxpayers
05/17/11: Apocalypse Now?
05/12/11: Keeping Hope Alive for Real
05/10/11: A Solution to the Debt Menace
05/04/11: More Taxes on Big Oil?
05/02/11: Justice Has Been Done
04/28/11: Wedding of the . . . What?
04/26/11: Sharia Compliance in Dearborn, Mich.
04/21/11: No Trump
04/21/11: Caring Enough to Broadcast the Very Best
04/19/11: Choosey About Choice
04/14/11: Atlas Shrugged: The Movie
04/12/11: A Life Lesson
04/07/11: Though not hyped, Supreme Court win this week might be as important as Brown V. Board of Ed
04/05/11: Spreading Wealth the Right Way
03/31/11: Breaking Trust
03/29/11: A Gift for the Obvious
03/24/11: Norman Who?
03/22/11: War Number Three
03/17/11: The Japan Syndrome
03/15/11: National Pathetic Radio
03/10/11: Hunting for Terrorists, not Witches
03/08/11: Time to Rethink Arab Arms Sales
03/04/11: A Perfect Blendship
03/03/11: Redundancy the Government Way
03/01/11: Evolutionary Law
02/24/11: A Price on Our Heads
02/22/11: Coolidge-Reagan-Walker?
02/17/11: Smoke, Mirrors and Other Deceptions
02/15/11: Egypt’s Dim Future
02/10/11: Told You So
02/08/11: Chicken Little and the Debt Ceiling
02/03/11: The 40th President at 100
02/01/11: Egypt Aflame
1/27/11: The Speech
1/25/11: The Spending Cuts Challenge
1/20/11: Thirty-Eight Years and 50 Million
1/18/11: Contrasts in Black and Red
1/13/11: The Liberal Empire Strikes Back
1/11/11: Explaining Evil
01/06/11: Let the Investigations Begin
01/04/11: Constitutionalists vs. ‘Interpretationists’
12/30/10: She Told Us So
12/28/10: A Reliable Prediction
12/23/10: What If It’s True?
12/21/10: Grand Compromise Brings More Spending
12/15/10: Obamacare in Critical Condition
12/14/10: Language Problems
12/09/10: Questions for Democrats
12/07/10: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Care
12/02/10: Cure or Care?
11/30/10: Needed: A Part-Time Congress
11/25/10: Still Thankful
11/23/10: Is the American Dream Over?
11/18/10: Diminished Capacity
11/16/10: Time Machine
11/11/10: The Olbermann Factor
11/09/10: A Freshman, Not a Rookie
11/04/10: After the Fall
11/02/10: Priority One for Republicans
10/28/10: The Morning After
10/26/10: Diet Nations
10/21/10: But Enough About Me
10/19/10: Where to Cut Spending?
10/14/10: Journey to Destruction
10/12/10: The Sound of One Hand Clapping
10/07/10: I Got the Horse Right Here
10/05/10: Mr. Speaker-in-Waiting
09/30/10: Superman Has Left the School Building
09/28/10: The Republican Philosophy
09/23/10: Academic Freedom: Obama Edition
09/17/10: Burn the Establishment
09/16/10: Obama vs. Castro
09/14/10: Purging Evil
09/09/10: Send in the Clowns
09/07/10: What Revival Looks Like
09/02/10: Book Review
08/31/10: Obama’s Cronkite Moment?
08/26/10: Lower Expectations
08/24/10: Pointless Talks
08/19/10: Outsourcing: A Solution to Government Debt
08/17/10: Ground Zero Sum Game
08/12/10: Downsizing Defense
08/10/10: Vigilante Law
08/05/10: Mission Accomplished II
08/03/10: None Dare Call It . . . What?
07/29/10: National Health Service: It’s Coming to America
07/27/10: The GOP’s Opportunity . . . and Challenge
07/22/10: Outsourcing Government
07/20/10: Our Big Mistake
07/15/10: We Can Do It!
07/13/10: Law and Marriage
07/08/10: The Right Stuff Goes Wrong
07/06/10: Stop Me Before I Spend Again!
07/01/10: The Court, Clubs and Discrimination
06/29/10: Terror hero being deported
06/24/10: Loose Lips Sink Generals — and Wars
06/22/10: Bonhoeffer: A True Believer
06/17/10: Follow Me Where?
06/15/10: Cairo: One Year Later
06/10/10: The Mortal Politician
06/08/10: Helen Thomas Retires, and Not a Moment Too Soon
06/03/10: Sinking ‘Climate Change’
06/02/10: Re-Run
05/27/10: The GOP ‘Listening Tour’
05/25/10: Textbook Wars
05/20/10: A Crack in the School-Choice Dike?
05/17/10: To the Graduates
05/137/10: What is the Law?
05/11/10: Sounds of Insecurity
05/06/10: The President’s Michigan Speech
05/04/10: Britain’s Choice
04/29/10: Economic Development for Muslims
04/27/10: Arizona Takes Off Its ‘Rainbow Shades’
04/22/10: Prayer and State
04/20/10: Protesting the Protestors
04/15/10: Pigs at the Trough
04/13/10: The Next In(Justice)
04/08/10: Ungrateful Puppet
04/06/10: Republicans Need a Plan B
04/01/10: What Would Newt Do?
03/3/10: Uncovering the Cover-up
03/25/10: Once More Unto the Breach?
03/23/10: B-A-L-O-N-E-Y!
03/18/10: Israel’s New Enemy: America?
03/16/10: Private in New Jersey
03/11/10: Unprotected Speech
03/09/10: Draining the Swamp?
03/04/10: Losing Our Independence
03/02/10: Profit Over Principles
02/25/10: The Republican Second Coming
02/23/10: Was Tiger Sincere?
02/18/10: Who is Rashad Hussain?
02/16/10: Plagiarizing a War
02/11/10: You’ve Got to Give … a Little
02/09/10: Unlearned Lessons
02/04/10: Super Commercial
02/02/10: The President and the Republicans
01/28/10: Retreat to Advance?
01/26/10: Personhood
01/21/10: We the People
01/19/10: A New Dawn
01/14/10: A Falling Doctrine
01/12/10: The British (Elections) are Coming
01/07/10:Something About That Name
01/05/10: A War by Any Other Name
12/31/09: Resolved: Tell the Truth
12/ 29/09: Malfunctions
12/ 24/09: Jesus the Socialist
12/ 22/09: Snow jobs
12/ 17/09: The Perfect Gift
12/ 14/09: Shameless
12/ 10/09: How to Create Jobs Without Really Trying
12/08/09: The Flathead Society
12/03/09: Forward on Afghanistan
12/03/09: Bob McDonnell: New Face for the GOP?
12/01/09: Debatable Health Care Bill
11/26/09: Life for Children?
11/24/09: U.S.S.A.
11/19/09: Sarah Palin and the Future of Conservatism
11/17/09: Trying Terrorists in U.S. is Dangerous
11/12/09:E. Pluribus Diversity?
11/10/09: Jihadists in the Military
11/05/09: Communism’s Enablers and Excusers
11/03/09: Can the Tenth Amendment Save Us?
10/29/09:Dems Worth Hearing
10/27/09: A Long-range Strategy
10/22/09: ‘Radio Free America’
10/20/09: ‘The Way It Is’
10/15/09: Don’t Ask, Tell or Legitimize
10/13/09: No Peace, No Prize
10/08/09: Where Have You Gone Willie Shakespeare?
10/06/09: Creepy behavior
10/01/09: The Story Behind a Story
09/29/09: Deception
09/24/09: Glenn Beck Explained
09/22/09: War Through Weakness
09/17/09: The Racism Card
09/15/09: Liar, Liar
09/10/09: The Reason for Our Discontent
09/09/09: Quid but no Quo
09/03/09: Trouble in Liberal Land
09/01/09:Judgment vs. Judgmentalism
08/27/09: Suicide ‘Justice’
08/27/09: A Surprising Friendship
08/25/09: National suicide
08/20/09: Shooting Star
08/18/09: NHS vs. USA
08/13/09: Invasion by immigration
08/11/09: What lies beneath
08/06/09: Sebelius: Don’t Sweat the Details
08/04/09: A Right to Die?
07/30/09: The Arrogant and the ignorant
07/28/09: Gates of Wrath
07/23/09: Church of What’s Happenin’ Now
07/21/09: Knee-Deep (and Getting Deeper)
07/16/09: President Obama’s Excellent Choice
07/14/09: Obama’s Weakened Condition
07/09/09: Government care a health hazard
07/07/09: Sarah Palin: A Collapsed Souffle
07/02/09: The Honduras predicament
06/30/09: Fame: I’m (not) Gonna Live Forever
06/26/09: The Voice Claims Another Victim
06/25/09: The President’s news conference
06/18/09: From newsroom to bedroom
06/16/09: Bulldozing American cities
06/11/09: Unquestioned authority
06/09/09: Reagan Unveiled
06/04/09: See the USA in Your Government Car
06/02/09: Innocent or ‘Infidel’ Abroad?
05/28/09:Biography and the law
05/27/09: The Powell Doctrine
05/26/09: Dueling visions
05/21/09: Bibi Agonistes
05/19/09: Obama at Notre Dame
05/14/09: Heard That (Middle East) Song Before
05/12/09: The Titled and Entitled
05/07/09: The Jack Kemp I knew
05/05/09: Margaret Thatcher + 30
04/30/09:Arlen Specter: Good riddance
04/28/09:Loose lips or loose pix: Same result
04/23/09:Lost in Political Space
04/21/09: Pretty woman
04/14/09: Not a penny more
04/09/09: The meaning of words
04/07/09: Trouble in River City
04/02/09:Invasion of the Corporate Snatchers
03/31/09: Obama’s war, or ours?
03/26/09: Consensus or censorship?
03/24/09: Channeling anger
03/18/09: Horsing around
03/17/09:Why no one defends Bernard Madoff
03/12/09:Journey to destruction
03/10/09: GOPers have forgotten who they are
03/10/09: Interview with Michael Steele
03/05/09: A taxing situation
03/03/09: Guilty consciences
02/26/09: The President and the governor
02/24/09: Changing nation
02/19/09: Time to say ‘goodbye’ to GM and Chrysler
02/17/09: How about a stimulus for life?
02/12/09: The other Indiana
02/10/09: Happiness or misery?
02/05/09: Honestly Abe
02/03/09: Leona Helmsley lives!
01/29/09: Once more into the breach
01/27/09:Reviving the economy and ourselves
01/21/09:Obama’s inaugural address
01/20/09: INSOLVENT!
01/15/09: Welcome to town, President Obama
01/14/09: Interview with Bobby Jindal
01/13/09: Jindal to GOP: REPENT!
01/07/09: The Exit Interview (overview)
01/07/09: Interview with President Bush from the Oval Office
01/06/09: Pigs at the trough
01/01/09: The Gaza Nazis
12/30/08: MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR!
12/24/08: The politics of prayer
12/23/08: The ultimate gift: Faith
12/18/08: Sweet Caroline
12/16/08: Santa Claus government
12/11/08: Think globally; act globally?
12/09/08: O.J.ustice
12/04/08: What happened to optimism?
12/02/08: Mumbai explained
11/27/08: The return of British socialism
11/25/08:Mission Accomplished II
11/20/08: The other deficit
11/18/08: Business unusual
11/13/08: Obamas practice school choice
11/11/08: Breakdown
11/06/08: Religious Right, R.I.P.
11/04/08: Media meltdown
10/30/08: Smoking audio
10/28/08: Alan Greenspan: Never mind
10/23/08: Biden’s gift
10/21/08: Government can’t do it all (or even most of it)
10/16/08:Blaming the Jews (again)
10/14/08:The end of ‘We the People’
10/09/08:Round Two: Boring
10/07/08: Catholics and abortion (again)
10/02/08: The blame game
09/30/08: Pulpit bullies
09/25/08: Judgment Day
09/23/08: The main event
09/18/08: Lessons From The Puritans
09/16/08: Generation gaps
09/11/08:Rx for Republican revitalization
09/09/08: Reaching across the aisle
09/04/08: What standards?
09/02/08: Steel magnolia
08/28/08: Losing faith voters
08/26/08: Biden’s toughest opponent: Himself
08/21/08: What happened to common ground?
08/19/08: A very civil forum
08/14/08: Rainy nights in Georgia
08/12/08: ‘Mamma Mia’ without the music
08/07/08: Death of a prophet
08/05/08: Politics as usual
07/31/08: The price is (not) right
07/29/08: Great expectations
07/24/08: U.S. gets song and dance instead of real promise
07/22/08: An innocent abroad
07/17/08: School for scoundrels
07/15/08: Two men of character
07/10/08: (Un)conventional wisdom
07/08/08: SURRENDER!
07/03/08: President Bush: ‘Off the record’
07/01/08: Unity is not Union
06/26/08: If you build it, they won’t come
06/24/08: Progress? So what
06/19/08: CAN’T do spirit
06/17/08: The next attack: Coming soon
06/12/08: Obama is no Joshua
06/10/08: Lessons from the poor
06/05/08: The next female candidate
06/03/08: Pfleger, politics and pizza
05/29/08: How do you spell F-R-A-U-D?
05/28/08: Obama: See no evil
05/22/08: Father, bless Ted Kennedy
05/20/08: GOP: Get back
05/15/08: McCain joins global warming cult
05/13/08: In Defense of ‘Big Oil’
05/08/08: Who’s influential?
05/05/08: As Maine goes…
05/01/08: Obama the Inexperienced
04/29/08: H.O.P.E.F.U.L.
04/24/08: Carter doesn’t get it
04/22/08: A matter of life and death
04/17/08: Dems want back in the religion game
04/15/08: Obama’s audacity
04/10/08: Resolve and commitment
04/08/08: Civil tongues
04/03/08: King’s imprint
04/01/08: Conversion: A one-way street?
03/27/08: 4,000 patriots
03/25/08: Typical
03/20/08: Spending as if there were no tomorrow
03/18/08: Barack and the bigot
03/12/08: Sex and the married governor
03/11/08: Hide and seek
03/04/08: Coming out
02/28/08: Hit the road Jack
02/26/08: Economic woes
02/21/08:Adios, in-Fidel
02/19/08:Misplaced hope can be dangerous
02/14/08:The lessons of appeasement
02/12/08: Redefining conservatism
02/07/08: The war(s): Who pays?
02/05/08: The Obama infatuation
01/31/08: The fall of the House of Clinton
01/29/08: The Republican retreat
01/24/08: Clintonomics II
01/22/08: P.S.: We are lying to you
01/17/08:The cost of Roe at 35
01/15/08: Misplaced faith
01/10/08: Barack Obama: Feeling good
01/08/08: Segregation: Muslim style
01/03/08: Meeting of minds
12/31/07: The tragic death of Benazir Bhutto
12/27/07: To ID, or not to ID?
12/25/07: Secular fundamentalists
12/20/07: The right gift
12/18/07: The unnaturals
12/13/07: Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition
12/11/07: The faith factor
12/06/07: Rudy strictly speaking
12/01/07: Mission accomplished in 50 years?
11/29/07: Changing nation
11/27/07: Another piece summit
11/22/07: None dare call it ‘victory’
11/20/07: Double jeopardy
11/15/07: Must-flee TV
11/13/07: Joe Lieberman, patriot
11/08/07: Change what?
11/06/07: Immigration wars
11/01/07: Carrots and sticks
10/30/07: Count Rangula
10/25/07: Un-Holyland Foundation
10/23/07: ‘No news’ is bad news?
10/18/07: A foreign-policy Turkey
10/16/07: Global warming: The conservatives’ opportunity
10/11/07: Selling out Israel on the installment plan
10/09/07: We worship the same Almighty?
10/03/07: Republicans should visit Vermont
10/02/07: The Jihad Way
09/26/07: It’s time for common ground
09/26/07:New(t) ideas
09/20/07: Media Matters — doesn’t
09/25/07:Intolerance in the name of tolerance
09/20/07:Media Matters — doesn’t
09/20/07: The choice: Feeling good, or feeling better?
09/18/07: Cheating college students
09/12/07: The Almighty as non-candidate
09/11/07: Facing evil
09/06/07: Forget 9/11 at our peril
09/05/07: Virtue, vice and Sen. Larry Craig
08/29/07: The cult of Diana
08/28/07: Vanishing England
08/23/07: Losing is winning
08/21/07: A new old message for Republicans
08/16/07: Not so hot air
08/14/07: The Mike Gerson I know
08/09/07:Competence over ideology
08/07/07: Rupert Murdoch: Satan or savior?
08/02/07: What if we win?
07/31/07: Doing it the ‘right way’
07/26/07: The YouTube-CNN ‘debate’
07/24/07: Breakdown Britain
07/19/07: The Democratic wimp-out
07/12/07: ‘All we are saying is… ’
07/10/07: Hillary on her faith
07/06/07: The cost of failure
07/03/07: Patriotism
06/26/07: Remote control
06/21/07: Bloomberg’s bolt
06/19/07: Two states of destruction
06/14/07: Cruel Britannia
06/12/07: Monument to murder
06/07/07: What’s faith got to do with it?
06/05/07: No more trust on immigration
05/31/07: It takes a socialist village
05/30/07: Unending war
05/24/07: Israel’s next war
05/22/07: Amnesty by another name
05/17/07: The legacy ofJerry Falwell
05/15/07: Giuliani’s choice
05/10/07: Dodging bullets at Fort Dix
05/08/07: The French Election Connection
05/03/07: Closing one door, opening another
05/01/07: Defeat, retreat and repeat
04/26/07: Government Regulation Syndrome
04/24/07: Carnage: Two versions
04/23/07: The Kitty Carlisle Hart I knew
04/19/07: Black day in Blacksburg
04/17/07: Run, Fred, run
04/13/07: Interview with Ireland’s most outspoken Protestant leader, who is hammering out historic agreement with Gerry Adams
04/12/07: Free speech double standard
04/10/07: Rudy’s contortions
04/05/07: Surrender Syndrome
04/02/07: Britain: Then and now
03/29/07: The Tony Snow I know
03/27/07: Vote buying
03/22/07: The President’s fading voice
03/20/07: Happy Independence Day, Iraq
03/15/07: Education renewal
03/13/07:The maturing of the Right
03/08/07: March madness
03/06/07: Fixing our broken politics
03/01/07: Lies and damn lies
02/27/07: All the ex-President’s money
02/22/07: Rise of the anti-hero
02/20/07: Congressional “Indian givers”
02/15/07: North Korea: Again
02/13/07: A letter from Mosul
02/08/07: A “spartan and skimpy” budget
02/06/07: The race to the bottom
02/01/07: Hil is no Bill
01/30/07: Aquarius sunset
01/25/07: State of the (dis)Union
01/23/07: The Hillary factor
01/22/07: What a friend we have in Hollywood
01/18/07: Barack Obama: American idol
01/16/07: New Jersey to veterans: Drop dead?
01/11/07: Limp upper lip
01/09/07: House Democrats and ethics reform
01/04/07: Promises, promises
01/03/07: Saddam’s just deserts
12/28/06: A 2007 resolution for the Right
12/27/06: A conversation with Karen Hughes
12/21/06: Politics: The new religion
12/19/06: Cruel and unusual punishment?
12/14/06: A loyalty test for Muslims?
12/12/06: The Donald Rumsfeld transcript
12/12/06: Donald Rumsfeld: The exit interview
12/07/06: This way out?
12/05/06: The Rumsfeld Memo (and mine)
11/30/06: If I were a terrorist
11/27/06: Some things never change
11/23/06: Crossed what line?
11/21/06: The other Milton Friedman
11/16/06: Where do conservative Christians go from here?
11/14/06: The biggest winners
11/09/06: The Democrat counterrevolution
11/07/06: A trip to Guantanamo
11/02/06: The 2006 choice
10/31/06: Secretary Rice’s view of the world
10/30/06: Journalism’s Camelot
10/28/06: Condi comes clean on her Middle East views
10/26/06: Rumsfeld’s prophecy has come true
10/25/06: Walt Disney: Behind the fantasy
10/24/06: Humpty Dumpty government
10/19/06: I’M A MINORITY!
10/17/06: The way back for GOPers
10/12/06: School daze
10/10/06: The case for continuing the GOP majority
10/05/06: No safe places
09/28/06: Piling on George Allen
09/26/06: Clinton gives us another finger
09/21/06: Bush’s undeclared war
09/19/06: Wisdom and judgment deficiency
09/14/06: The ‘stubborn’ President Bush
09/12/06: Red meat for everybody
09/07/06: 9/11 plus five
09/06/06: The ‘incompetent’ Bush administration
08/31/06: Al Gore is right
08/29/06: The ‘Contract with Britain’
08/24/06: Iraq and the other war
08/22/06: Who’s the racist?
08/17/06: The convert
08/15/06: Not over over there
08/11/06: Time to go on offense
08/10/06: The mainstreaming of Taliban Democrats?
08/08/06:Rumsfeld is right
08/03/06: Mel’s night out
08/01/06: Armageddon again
07/27/06: The West’s language problem
07/25/06: A teen’s Y chromosome problem
07/20/06: ‘World Trade Center’ is a world-class movies
07/18/06: Understanding the temper of the times
07/13/06: Are GOPers kidding us?
07/11/06: No rules, just right
07/06/06: Can a Mormon be president?
07/03/06: New Jersey: Put Tony Soprano in charge
06/28/06: Stemming the flood
06/27/06: Katie’s listening tour
06/22/06: Church lite
06/20/06: Hospitals: Heal thyselves
06/15/06: Immoral equivalence
06/13/06: Time to change dynamic in War on Terror
06/08/06: Dearly beloved
06/06/06: The real Iraq
06/01/06: The Hillary Factor
05/30/06: Lessons from the immigration war
05/25/06: A grateful nation
05/23/06: The death of political ideology
05/18/06: The President’s immigration address
05/16/06: Morale slippage in Iraq
05/11/06: My kind of guy(s)
05/09/06: Was Moussaoui right?
05/04/06: Legal vs. illegal: The language battle
05/02/06: Republicans running on empty
04/27/06: Flight 93: Do we still care?
04/25/06: A traitor in the midst
04/21/06: Let ’em Eat Sand
04/18/06: Retired summer soldiers
04/12/06: Immigration and the law
04/11/06: The gospel of unbelief
04/06/06: The Tom Delay resignation
04/04/06: ABC News standards … and practices
03/30/06: The French job funk
03/28/06: Whose country is this?
03/23/06: Spending obscenities
03/21/06: Spending obscenities
03/16/06: The future of newspapers
03/14/06: The Tom Fox tragedy
03/09/06: Resurrecting the line-item veto
03/07/06: Is McCain the One?
03/06/06: American journalism’s Founding Fathers
03/02/06: And the losers are … the Jews
02/28/06: Swinging for the fences on abortion
02/23/06: America idolized
02/21/06: Any port in the terrorist storm
02/16/06: Al Gore’s diminished capacity
02/14/06: The agenda-driven life
02/09/06: Springtime for Nixon
02/07/06:Cartoon wars are about more than sensitivity
02/02/06:The state of the union may be good …
01/31/06: Terrorists win: Why the surprise?
01/26/06: The ‘Culture of Corruption’
01/24/06: The mark of Kaine
01/18/06: Infiltration by the book
01/17/06: Infiltration by the book
01/12/06: Who has an agenda?
01/10/06: Lessons learned (and not learned) from the French riots
01/06/06: Dissing the ‘Iron Lady’
01/04/06: The return of British dependency
12/29/05: William Raspberry: Overcomer
12/27/05: Unintelligent designs
12/20/05: One step forward, two backward
12/15/05: Steamy teen ‘love’ in Tampa
12/13/05: Not so silent night
12/08/05: New ABC anchors: Interchangeable parts
12/06/05: Propaganda and the eye of the beholder
12/01/05: Out of many, many?
11/29/05: Who is lying about Iraq?
11/23/05: Narnia: Up from the church basement
11/22/05: Sounding the trumpet of retreat
11/17/05: Recovering from falling numbers
11/15/05: Bush and Rove find offense matters
11/09/05:France will be America’s future, if we don’t stop denying Muslim invasion is deliberate and purposeful
11/08/05: Man of Steele
11/03/05: Bring it on with Alito
11/01/05: Dump the special prosecutor
10/28/05: Miers’ withdrawal and Bush’s opportunity
10/27/05: The Harriet Miers doctrine of self-determination
10/24/05: Lessons from— and for— George W.
10/20/05: GOP Congress seeing the light?
10/17/05: Blacks need to overcome…their ‘leaders’
10/13/05: Faith, works and Harriet Miers
10/11/05: What’s next for President Bush?
10/06/05: The Duke of Earle
10/03/05: Trust, but verify
09/29/05: Media blindside in hindsight
09/27/05: A prophecy fulfilled
09/22/05: Democrats try to get back in the game
09/15/05: Roberts rules
09/13/05: Karen Hughes’ impossible job
09/08/05: Katrina: The aftermath and the politics
09/07/05: Bush’s Supreme opportunity
09/01/05: From spendthrifts to thrifty spending
08/25/05: Iraq critics are blowing in the wind
08/23/05: Playing chicken games with the crocks
08/18/05: When gas was cheap and people were valuable
08/16/05: Meet with her (again), Mr. President
08/11/05: Rumsfeld’s cautious optimism
08/09/05: Blair’s anti-terror measures: Too little, too late
08/04/05: The end of Israel?
08/02/05: Senator Frist’s grave mistake
07/28/05: Jane Fonda’s second coming
07/26/05: Government: A bottomless pit
07/21/05: Bush hoping nomination will install Roberts’ rules of order
07/19/05: What happened to unconditional surrender?
07/14/05: Teaching the Constitution
07/12/05: Terrorism’s root causes
07/11/05: London’s terrorist blitz
07/06/05: Supreme lessons
06/30/05: The President makes his case
06/29/05: The Constitution and the Commandments
06/28/05: Let’s move on
06/23/05: Bias runs deep at PBS
06/21/05: Church, not state, must advance moral agenda
06/16/05: Tb or not Tb?
06/15/05: Faultless nation
06/09/05: Schools need to go back to basics
06/07/05: China: The gathering threat
06/02/05: Holy Shi’ite! Islam’s double standard
06/01/05: French chickens come home to roost
05/25/05: Minority rule
05/24/05: Stem cell debate needs moral ‘home base’
05/19/05: Abbas is coming to Washington. Will Prez finally get tough with him?
05/17/05: Hillary and Newt: Making music together
05/12/05: The blog that ate real journalism
05/10/05: Unsafe after all
05/05/05: Bush must push Putin on Communism
05/03/05: Modified interrogation tactics: Good news for the enemy
04/28/05: Congressional fellow travelers
04/26/05: A time for choosing II
04/21/05: Religious ‘intolerance’ cuts both ways
04/19/05: Washington’s field of dreams
04/14/05: Israel’s big gamble
04/13/05: Beauty and the beasts
04/07/05: The weakest spot
04/04/05: Pope strengthened Church, weakened communism
04/01/05: St. Theresa Schiavo
03/31/05: Liberal bias in colleges bleeds into classroom
03/29/05: Lessons from Terri Schiavo
03/24/05: The Capital Spenders
03/22/05: Schiavo case matters in symbol and substance
03/17/05: Poor reflections in the media mirror
03/15/05: The Evangelical Third Coming
03/10/05: Are we being played for suckers by those who know us far better than we know them?
03/08/05: The Cucumber curriculum
03/01/05: The Supreme Judge and the Supreme Court
03/01/05: The march of freedom
02/24/05: Border control
02/22/05: We have been warned, now what?
02/17/05:AIDS mutation: Changing behavior is key
02/15/05:Stemming stem cell research
02/10/05:Take care of yourself
02/08/05:Shedding light in dark places
02/03/05:Transcript of interview with President Bush
02/01/05:Extreme makeover of Iraq could lead to the reshaping of many other dictatorial nations in the region
01/26/05: Living and dying by the Court
01/25/05: Embracing and exporting freedom
01/20/05: Using and abusing the Divine: Part deux
01/18/05: Inaugural doomsday?
01/13/05: When you wish upon a star…
01/11/05:CBS report fires 4, but fails to see bias
01/05/05: The Divine and suffering
01/04/05:Kathie Lee comes back with more values, virtues
12/30/04: When ‘free elections’ means just further legitimizing terrorism
12/28/04: The Dems try to get back on track
12/23/04: Arnold: Is victory not good enough?
12/21/04: Women in combat (again)
12/16/04: The ‘loyal opposition’ struggles for relevance
12/09/04: U.S. out of U.N. —now!
12/07/04: Reformer with results revisited
12/02/04: Women as heroines
11/30/04: An opportunity for Dems in red states
11/29/04: Dan Rather blinks
11/09/04: Liberal lamentations
11/18/04: Toward a moral foreign policy
11/16/04: More killers for President!
11/12/04: Arafat’s legacy
11/09/04: Liberal lamentations
11/04/04: This was one of those turning point elections
11/02/04: Bin Laden points at Lebanon
10/28/04: The choice
10/26/04: The media vote
10/21/04: A healthier choice
10/19/04: Ignorant voters
10/15/04: The third debate
10/14/04: Airport insanity
10/12/04: What you don’t see, you get
10/06/04: Number Twos try harder
10/05/04: Daniel in the lions’ den
10/04/04: The media’s trust problem
09/29/04: The media’s trust problem
09/28/04: Debate advice and questions
09/23/04: Coherence vs. incoherence
09/21/04: John Kerry does it again
09/15/04: The ‘death’ of CBS News
09/14/04: Real reality TV
09/09/04: Moderate, peaceful Muslims—where is the evidence?
09/07/04: Fighting terrorists the right and wrong way
09/02/04: Fighting terrorists the right and wrong way
08/31/04: Black eye for the Bush guy
08/26/04: Those campaign commercials
08/19/04: Putting Florida children last
08/17/04: Playing the gay card
08/12/04: If at first you don’t succeed…
08/10/04: Why truth matters
08/05/04: Fear factor and Fortress America
08/04/04: The truth gap
08/03/04: Kerry’s stealth plan for Iraq
07/28/04: The convention cover-up
07/27/04: Where was the big media before 9/11?
07/22/04: When the foundations are being destroyed
07/21/04: Is Berger fried?
07/20/04: Rumsfeld and bad intelligence
07/15/04: The NAACP needs a name change
07/13/04: Finding fault with intelligence
07/08/04: Lightweight and lighter weight
07/06/04: Education plus money does not equal achievement
06/30/04: Curses and profanities
06/29/04: Now for the hard part in Iraq
06/24/04: Media recruiting less credibility
06/22/04: The Iraq-al Qaeda-terrorism connection explained
06/17/04: Some Irish eyes aren’t smiling for Bush
06/15/04: Giving ‘exodus’ a new meaning
06/09/04: Recent Iraq history
06/07/04: Ronald Reagan’s Wonderful Life
06/04/04: Why the right judge matters
06/02/04: War and a special remembrance
05/26/04: Addressing the Iraq panic attack
05/25/04: Listen to Doc Cos
05/20/04: Marriage Massachusetts-style
05/18/04: The best little whorehouse in Iraq
05/13/04: Unlearned lessons from ‘The Passion’
05/11/04: A ‘sorry’ spectacle
05/06/04: Those Iraqi prisoner pictures
05/04/04: Does European Union mean European unity?
04/29/04: The ‘presumptive’ nominee
04/27/04: John Kerry’s Catholic problem
04/22/04: Mother Earth movement showing her age
04/20/04: Sharon’s big gamble
04/15/04: Apologize for what?
04/11/04: Authority figure
04/09/04: President Bush’s secret weapon
04/08/04: No, Virginia, government isn’t Santa Claus
04/01/04: At last a new idea
03/31/04: Our misspent tax dollars
03/30/04: Spinning John Wesley
03/24/04: Living and dying by the sword
03/23/04: The blame game
03/18/04: Politics as art and science—or dishonesty?
03/16/04: Terror rains on Spain
03/11/04: Peace with honor (again?)
03/09/04: What is the law?
03/04/04: Let our children go
03/02/04: The fairness doctrine
02/26/04: Bush strikes back
02/19/04: Reflected virtue
02/18/04:The National Guard (again)
02/12/04: Do Sharon and Bush grasp they are helping create a terrorist breeding ground?
02/10/04:Time to take the offensive
02/04/04: Rushing to judgment
02/03/04: The Caligula Broadcasting System does the Sleaze Bowl
01/29/04: Trouble on Bush’s right?
01/27/04: Informed choice and abortion
01/22/04: The state of President Bush
01/21/04: Pickering’s recess appointment
01/15/04: Paul O’Neill’s charge
01/13/04: Pete Rose’s foul ball
01/09/04: Lord of the gridiron: The return of the King
01/08/04: Pat Robertson’s ‘Burning Bush’
01/07/04: The choice: Accommodate or defeat evil
01/06/04: When the media meet the candidates
12/30/03: Howard Dean ‘finds’ Jesus
12/24/03: The future of marriage
12/23/03: Bush on a roll
12/18/03: The Playboy philosophy at 50
12/16/03: Capturing the ‘Ace of Spades’
12/11/03: The Supreme Court’s gag order
12/09/03: Education the Chinese way
12/05/03: Hillary Clinton’s political calendar
12/02/03: Christians keeping Christmas?
11/26/03: The embarrassing GOP
11/25/03: Judging Michael Jackson and ourselves
11/19/03: Marriage redefined
11/18/03: JFK, plus 40
11/13/03: Three strikes and you’re broke
11/11/03: The ‘Arab Street’s’ concept of freedom
11/06/03: The GOP ‘on year’ election
11/04/03: Fox in the media hen house
10/30/03: Why Dems are wrong on taxes
10/28/03: Ronald Reagan revisionism
10/23/03: Gov. Bush’s stay of execution
10/21/03: Muzzling the wrong dog
10/14/03: Interview with Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon
10/14/03: Up close and personal with Ariel Sharon
10/09/03: Weapons of mass distraction
10/07/03: A good week for the Left?
10/02/03: In Dow we trust
09/30/03: Payback time for Iraq
09/25/03: The President and the dis-United Nations
09/23/03: Ike we liked, but Clark?
09/18/03: A new ‘commandment’ from Alabama
09/16/03: Johnny, we fondly knew you
09/11/03: A congress in reserve
09/09/03: Whatever it takes
09/04/03: SEPT. 11, PLUS TWO
09/03/03: A moving experience
08/27/03: (Mis)information at a price
08/25/03: When terror drives policy
08/14/03: The war that never ends
08/12/03:Arnold is no Ronald
08/07/03: Who gets to make the rules?
07/31/03: Dems are losing the center
07/29/03: Like I’m psychologically disturbed
07/23/03: A PAIR OF ACES!
07/10/03: Seeds of doubt
07/10/03: The Bush Slavery Doctrine
07/08/03: Theological dictators
07/03/03: Useful idiots in the Middle East
07/01/03: End of the Constitution?
06/25/03: Negative action at the Supreme Court
06/24/03: The battle for the Constitution
06/19/03: What’s happened to Tony Blair?
06/13/03: Good night, David
06/12/03: A Father’s Day card
05/10/03: Media suffer from Acute Denial Syndrome
05/06/03: It’s the economy, genius!
05/29/03: European governments: Let starving Africans eat
05/22/03: Wasting away in Congress
05/20/03:The threat among us
05/15/03: Deep in the heart of — Oklahoma?
05/13/03: Toning down whose rhetoric?
05/08/03: The school choice revolution
05/06/03: Virtue is as virtue does?
05/01/03: Privacy and morals: Who decides?
04/29/03: A road map to Israel’s oblivion
04/25/03: One last Touch by the Angels
04/22/03: The Scott Peterson conundrum
04/17/03: Back to the economy (stupid!)
04/15/03: False media prophets
04/10/03: Winners and losers
04/08/03: After the fall, what next?
04/03/03: Our money vs. their money
04/01/03: The coalition’s other ‘enemy’
03/27/03: Will the demise of the human family be completed?
03/25/03: What’s next for the naysayers?
03/20/03: Blame America first vs. put America first
03/18/03: A ‘road map’ to nowhere
03/13/03: U.S. out of U.N. now?
03/11/03: Stamping out Saddam
03/06/03: Evangelicals being mainstream is not “good news” for elitist journos
03/04/03: The nation we have become: America’s dirty little double standard
02/27/03: Losing the argument over Iraq
02/25/03: Eight down, many more to go
02/21/03: The (bipartisan) congressional money tree
02/19/03: A time for war
02/13/03: After Iraq, Israel
02/11/03: Paul Revere’s Ride (updated)
02/07/03: Why can’t more kids read?
02/06/03: Colin Powell’s slam dunk
02/03/03: Columbia remembered
01/30/03: The state of President Bush is good
01/28/03: More time for what?
01/23/03: GOP guvs mimic Dems
01/21/03: Tony Blair’s finest hour
01/16/03: Those meaningless polls
01/14/03: The death penalty: Mend it, don’t end it
01/09/03: Rerunning the class warfare horror show
01/07/03: Why libs are in denial about talk radio and TV
01/02/03: Why not cloning?
12/31/02: A New Year’s spending resolution
12/24/02: Road map to nowhere
12/19/02: Panderer-in-chief
12/17/02: Sen. Nickles’ wish comes true
12/12/02: Old times there are not forgotten
12/10/02: Saddam Hussein’s rope-a-dope strategy
12/06/02: ‘Happy holidays’? What’s that!?
12/04/02: ‘Moderate’ Muslims need to step up
12/02/02: Put your hands up
11/26/02: Shrill and shill rhetoric
11/21/02: More power to the government
11/19/02: Reinventing government II
11/15/02: The confidence factor
11/12/02: PLEASE, House Dems, elect Rep. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco as your new minority leader
11/07/02: Lessons from the 2002 election
11/05/02: Loyalty is a two-way street
10/31/02: The election for which few care
10/29/02: It’s not over
10/28/02: The Jewish mission is far from finished
10/28/02: Sniper coverage: Not the media’s finest hours
10/24/02: To catch a killer
10/22/02: The Ignominious Appeasement Award
10/17/02: I can’t get no education
10/15/02: No safe neighborhoods
10/11/02: Feel good TV
10/09/02: The president makes his case
10/03/02: Dems’ hearts remain in San Francisco
10/01/02: We’re already at war: Let’s win
09/26/02: First Amendment troubles
09/24/02: The new offense is the best defense strategy
09/19/02: President Bush’s ‘Big Mo’
09/17/02: One-page apology
09/12/02: Remaining structural defects
09/10/02: Then (1942) and Now (2002)
09/05/02: Man’s inhumanity to man explained?
09/03/02: The great Welsh disappointment
08/29/02: The dye is cast
08/27/02: Making monkeys out of evolutionists
08/22/02: Foul ball
08/20/02: Advice to Bush: Take out Saddam soon
08/15/02: The disunited states
08/13/02: Pre-election season
08/08/02: Saudi Arabia: Friend Or Foe?
08/06/02: For Al Gore: A question of ethics
08/01/02: Wealthy terrorists are not interested in diplomatic solutions
07/30/02: Fat is as fat does
07/25/02: The Law really is “a ass”
07/23/02: A crack in the dike?
07/19/02: Do Dems really want to play the integrity game?
07/16/02: Back in the hole again
07/11/02: The Politicians Are Coming: Lock Up Your Portfolios!
07/09/02: The (Bad) Luck of (Some) Irish
07/05/02: Ethics remain dead in America
06/28/02: One nation, under who?
06/27/02: The President’s Middle East Peace Plan
06/25/02: Retardation and capital punishment
06/20/02: Radical recruiting in America’s prisons
06/18/02: The Catholic (universal) problem
06/13/02: Two states of mind
06/11/02: Free at last
06/06/02: G (Global) W (Warming) Bush?
06/04/02: It’s time to go on the offensive against terrorism
05/30/02: The (revised) FBI story
05/28/02: Bringing a very good thing to light
05/22/02: When suicide bombers come to call
05/21/02: Needed: an intelligent investigation
05/16/02: Ashcroft is right on guns
05/14/02: Lessons from the recent past
05/09/02: As long as Israel appears uncertain about its objectives, it will get more terror
05/07/02: Piling on the Catholic Church
05/02/02: Judgment Day For “Touched By An Angel”
04/30/02: A prince of a fellow
04/29/02: Pat Robertson’s high horse
04/25/02: Karen Hughes’ priorities
04/23/02: Flunking schools in Philadelphia
04/18/02: Byron White’s life legacy
04/16/02: Black and white, or shades of gray?
04/10/02: Evidence That Demands A Verdict
04/08/02: Truth, but no consequences
04/05/02: The man who won’t go away
04/02/02: The Middle East fantasyland
03/31/02: Crisis in the Catholic Church
03/26/02: Can’t buy me love
03/21/02: The 20/20 hindsight and foresight of Margaret Thatcher
03/19/02: ABC’s Rosie scenario
03/14/02: The best and worst of TV
03/12/02: Once more into the breach
03/07/02: Where are the sleeper cells?
03/05/02: Religion takes several hits
02/28/02: Waste much, want more
02/26/02: Pols testing new ways to raise taxes
02/21/02: Married with government
02/19/02: The Incumbent Protection Act
02/14/02: Bush’s second front
02/07/02: Should we stop “muzzling” churches?
02/05/02: Women and children first
01/31/02: The State of the Union (and Bush) is good
01/29/02: Enron and personal responsibility
01/25/02: Purging the evil from among us
01/22/02: Roe vs. Wade vs. cloning
01/17/02: One year down and three (or seven?) to go
01/15/02: Is Enron ‘Bush’s Whitewater’?
01/10/02: The cost of bipartisanship
01/08/02: Europe’s bland new currency
01/04/02: President Bush’s domestic war
01/02/02: Old lessons for a new year
12/28/01: Insecure security
12/26/01: The retiring, but not shy, Anthony Lewis
12/18/01: NBC: The National Boozecasting Company
12/14/01: Message from 9/11: Bigger government?
12/11/01: The second death of religious politics
12/06/01: Economics 101
12/04/01: It’s time to unleash Israel
11/30/01: Outlawing drifting smoke — and other dumb laws
11/28/01: Why not cloning?
11/26/01: Powell’s “vision” is a mirage
11/20/01: After the bombs: The kindness offensive
11/17/01: George McGovern was right
11/16/01: Milking and bilking the people over 9-11
11/13/01: Inspiring the nation
11/08/01: The off-year election
11/06/01: Some things never change
11/02/01: The nuclear option
10/30/01: Needed: Confidence building
10/25/01:The media must share some blame for Sept. 11
10/23/01: Bishop doesn’t think Islam is peaceful
10/18/01: Arafat as political welfare queen
10/16/01: President Bush: From weak man to Incredible Hulk
10/15/01: Achieving homeland security is everyone’s responsibility
10/11/01: The next attack
10/08/01: Will they fool us twice?
10/04/01: September 11th’s last casualty
09/28/01: A “prophet” finds honor at last
09/26/01: New York City impressions
09/24/01: Getting ready for another battle
09/20/01: Plenty of problems to correct
09/17/01: The death of moral equivalency
09/14/01: A plan for the president to consider
09/12/01: Another day of infamy
09/11/01: I’m sorry about the slave trade
09/06/01: Giving the Chinese the shield they’ll use to cream us
09/04/01: School daze
08/30/01: Voodoo economics II
08/28/01: Condit is no Clinton
08/24/01: RUN, AL, RUN!
08/21/01: Bush needs a new strategy
08/17/01: School for scandal
08/15/01: A skilled manipulator
08/13/01: President Bush’s compromise
08/09/01: The abusive date. Why are we surprised?
08/07/01: Rumors of war
08/05/01: Why pay for ex-presidents?
08/03/01: Clinton left Military in a shambles
07/30/01: The check is in my mail
07/26/01: Breaking the rules
07/24/01: Ronald Reagan’s valuable view of life
07/19/01: The surplus declines because the spending increases
07/17/01: U.S. should boycott 2008 Olympics
07/12/01: What’s right about Fox
07/10/01: Justice O’Connor and the death penalty
07/05/01: And after stem cells, what?
07/03/01: John Stossel’s environmental exposi
06/28/01: Is Sharon morphing into Barak?
06/26/01: Patients’ Bill of Wrongs
06/23/01: GOP establishment has the jitters in New Jersey
06/20/01: A not so innocent abroad
06/18/01:Ashcroft speaks
06/14/01: The school superintendent who knew too much
06/12/01: Waste much, want much
06/08/01: Teen sex is not inevitable
06/06/01: A coalition of terror
06/04/01: Gasbag politicians contribute to gas price hikes
06/01/01: Rid the human race ofMcVeigh
05/30/01: School vouchers are dead, school choice is not
05/25/01: The Jeffords defection
05/24/01:The whining generation
05/22/01: Needed: A new Middle East model
05/17/01: Out of focus families
05/15/01: Bush must conduct a full court press
05/10/01: New study: Gays can go straight
05/08/01: Must-sleaze TV?
05/03/01: The President’s self-defense initiative
05/01/01: Kerrey’s damage control
04/27/01: The 100-Day Dash
04/25/01: Broadway’s new lullaby
04/23/01: An eye for a lie; A tooth for the truth
04/20/01: Bush’s presidential visit
04/18/01:Death’s door in the Netherlands
04/16/01:The Bush budget
04/13/01:‘Very sorry’
04/10/01:America’s education scandal
04/05/01: Political bullying works
03/29/01: Energy politics
03/27/01: Stop school shootings by putting children first
03/22/01: A new U.S. attitude toward the Middle East?
03/20/01: Rejected inmate thinks Clinton pardons unfair
03/15/01:Rejected inmate thinks Clinton pardons unfair
03/13/01: The church of the state
03/07/01: Idols for destruction
03/01/01:The refund president
02/27/01:Squeezing our money out of politicians
02/23/01:The return of the spies
02/21/01:A conversation with the Vice President
02/16/01:Cut spending along with taxes
02/14/01: Press trying to get its integrity groove back
02/12/01: Sharon victory a better road to peace
02/07/01: The politics of personal civility
02/05/01: Will shekels mean shackles for faith-based programs?
02/01/01: Happy birthday, President Reagan
01/31/01: End education mediocrity. Put children first
01/29/01: Unity and union
01/24/01: Jesse’sloss of moral authority
01/22/01: The best he could get
01/19/01: The new president and the old challenges
01/16/01: John Ashcroft and the religious double standard
01/15/01: Tax cuts fuel Irish economy
01/11/01: The political “snuff job” on Linda Chavez
01/09/01: Tax cuts fuel Irish economy
01/05/01: Look who some Brits are calling stupid
12/29/00: Defining Israel’s annihilation
12/27/00: The John Ashcroft I know
12/26/00: Those spendthrift Republicans
12/21/00: Bad advice for the president-elect
12/18/00: The president elect and the president reject
12/12/00: Judicial fiat
12/08/00: What happens next?
12/05/00:Doing the right thing
11/30/00: Al Gore’s ultimate entitlement
11/28/00: One more theory on the unending election
11/23/00: Raw judicial power
11/22/00: The next election
11/20/00: Florida, the law and the king
11/17/00: Truth on television
11/16/00: Matriculating at Electoral College
11/14/00: A house divided
11/13/00: A political matrix
11/09/00: Irreconcilable differences
11/03/00: The choice
11/01/00: Steve Allen: One of a kind
10/30/00: Gore’s political death pall
10/25/00: Economic prosperity doesn’t solve moral deficit
10/19/00: Whom do you trust?
10/17/00: Moments of truth
10/13/00: Debate 2: The fudging continues
10/11/00: The piecemeal destruction of Israel
10/06/00:The Boston debate
10/04/00: The immoral majority
10/02/00: Debate advice from an experienced voice
09/29/00: Oily politics
09/25/00: The real China connection
09/20/00: Lessons from an NFL game
09/15/00: AlGore does ‘Oprah’
09/13/00: Bush needs a fast course correction
09/11/00: Dishing and taking
09/07/00: When truth becomes a negative
08/31/00: George W. Bush: A study in contrasts
08/25/00: The Injustice Department
08/21/00:AlGore and the ghost of Nixon
08/17/00:Please observe me if you will, I’m Prof. Harold Hill
08/15/00: AlGore‘s 1968 problem
08/11/00:The military: Ready or not?
08/09/00: The Jewish question
08/07/00:W. puts it together
08/04/00: Big media spins the GOP convention
08/02/00: Five ways Bush can lose
07/31/00:Down from the mountain
07/28/00: Not your father’s GOP convention
07/26/00: Cheney offers stability after a wild ride
07/24/00:Soul in the balance
07/18/00:The tobacco ruling and personal responsibility
07/14/00: The compassion tour does the NAACP
07/10/00: Neither the time nor the place for a summit
07/10/00: PBS’ ‘Finest Hour’
07/07/00: Bubba’s Day of Reckoning?
07/05/00: The Genome map: A potentially frightening new world
06/27/00: The Supreme Court mocks law and life
06/27/00: AlGore: ‘It depends on the meaning of “raising” ‘
06/20/00: George W’s life-and-death issue
06/16/00: AlGore‘s one-year gap
06/14/00:Assad the Terrible
06/12/00:Ma Bell, call girl
06/07/00: Coming home to school
06/05/00:Has Israel lost the will to live?
06/01/00:Bush’s impressive trial balloon
05/30/00: Northern Ireland’s Gen-Next
05/24/00: Will peace be given a chance?
05/22/00:Forgetting the past endangers the future
05/16/00:Message to Rudy: First save your marriage
05/10/00:Gore’s plan: More good money for bad education
05/08/00:Profiting from Elian Gonzalez
05/05/00:Cardinal John O’Connor
05/03/00:Censoring the opposition
04/28/00: Castro’s mouthpiece: The American media
04/25/00: A knock on the door
04/24/00: Will you accept this `collect call’ from your government?
04/19/00:Falwell’s ‘Second Coming’
04/17/00:A taxing time
04/13/00: Gun control but no self-control
04/11/00: Religion and politics: A double standard
04/05/00: The propaganda broadcasting network
03/28/00: GOPers vs. Dems: The weak vs. the strong
03/23/00: Israel’s apocalypse near
03/21/00: The death of Life
03/17/00: Standing in the schoolhouse door again
03/15/00: Upstairs at the White (whore)House
03/10/00: Gore’s vulnerability and Bush’s opportunity
03/08/00: A ‘living’ constitution?
03/02/00: Unholy war in the GOP
02/29/00: Clinton-Gore’s China legacy
02/22/00: The religious right emerges from a coma
02/17/00: The GOP food fight
02/15/00: Religion and politics New York style
02/10/00:The war process continues against Israel
02/08/00: Who wants it more?
02/04/00: John Rocker goes to (re-education) camp
02/01/00: Al Gore’s abortion lies
01/27/00: ANALYZE THIS!
01/25/00: George W. Bush: Ready for prime time
01/19/00:‘Hanoi Jane’ no more
01/14/00: How Dubyah will win
01/12/00: Elian Gonzalez libre
01/07/00: Your home is not the government’s castle — yet
01/05/00: Missing persons from the last century
12/31/99: America and the new gilded age
12/29/99: Off his Rocker
12/27/99: Raw Judicial Power II
12/14/99:The reading of Israel’s will
12/09/99:The homeless make a comeback
12/01/99: Television’s outsiders looking in
12/01/99: Re-educating the American people
11/29/99: Dubyah as Reagan III, not Bush II
11/11/99: Israel’s betrayal is sealed with a kiss
11/11/99: From the Macarena to ‘Victor/Victoria’
11/09/99: They returned with honor
11/04/99: Virginia makes history
11/02/99: School daze
10/26/99: Gore to oil companies: Let them eat crude
10/22/99: The dishonorable and the honorable man
10/19/99: Bubba’s endgame
10/15/99: Obvious answers to what teenagers want
10/12/99: The shape of things to come
10/08/99: Beauty and the beast
10/05/99: Inquiring of Gov. Bush’s mind
10/01/99:The unknowable Ronald Reagan
09/29/99:China at 50: What’s to celebrate?
09/24/99: The power to do one good thing
09/22/99:The Middle East spin cycle
09/20/99: DON’T, PAT, DON’T
09/16/99: Here she comes: Ms. America?
09/15/99: Bigotry or truth?
09/08/99: Begging their pardon
09/02/99: Gambling’s growing political influence
08/31/99: Let those Cleveland children go
08/27/99: Boy George (Stephanopoulos), intrepid reporter?
08/24/99: George W’s real problem
08/20/99: Back to what kind of school?
08/17/99:Powerless politics
08/13/99:The ‘Final Solution’ to crime
08/11/99: The good and the bad get ugly
08/09/99: A poet who didn’t know it
08/02/99: It’s our money, give it back!
07/28/99: The television people kill broadcast journalism
07/26/99: Barak’s flawed prophesy
07/23/99: George W. Bush Sends A Signal
07/16/99: Hillary’s drop-in candidacy
07/13/99: Sen. Bob Smith’s revolt
07/09/99: Clinton has wrong answers on poverty tour
07/07/99: To tell the truth
06/29/99: A family to value
06/25/99: Remembering Eric Liddell
06/21/99: In the culture wars it’s G-d vs. guns
06/18/99:Unequal justice under a bad law
06/15/99:Speaker Hastert wants reinforcements
06/11/99: Clues for the clueless
06/09/99: Victory? What victory?
06/07/99: Too good for prime time
06/03/99:The Creator and Commencement
05/28/99: The Cox Committee Report
05/26/99: ‘A turning point for our country’
05/24/99:Barak is not Israel’s savior
05/19/99:It takes a leader
05/17/99:Questions for Gov. Bush and the others
05/12/99:OAF-ish behavior explains U.S. mistakes
05/07/99: Israel’s high-stakes election
05/04/99: Jeb Bush chooses to save kids, not institutions
04/26/99: Surrendering our civilization
04/26/99: War abroad, war at home

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